Our academic programs offer a wide range of subjects to enable all students to pursue their passions. With a wonderful record of tertiary entrance, TAFE and VET studies, we encourage all students to strive for excellence in their chosen fields.

The College’s curriculum extension programs enable students to explore a range of activities outside the classroom. As a Josephite school, a commitment to justice underpins all that we do.

Mount Carmel College educates the whole person. We work with families and students to develop their academic ability, provide excellent  pastoral care and we work with students on their wellbeing, spiritual and social growth. 

Many of our students undertake an academic pathway, leading to entry into a wide range of university courses. For other students, Vocational Education is their chosen pathway, often beginning with a taster course in our very own Trade Training Centre.

Families work in partnership with us to give our students the best chance of success. We encourage open communication with families and welcome their attendance at the various events during the year.

Our students have very diverse backgrounds and this provides a wealth of different experiences and enriches the learning.

We are large enough to be able to offer a varied and rich choice of subjects, but not too large. Our students feel a sense of being known and feeling important. Our students have opportunities for leadership and are not lost in a sea of bodies.