Our students are encouraged to become involved in the Mount Carmel College community through a wide range of Curriculum Extension Activities that are offered beyond the usual classroom environment.

With an aim to build confidence, develop strong peer relationships, complement learning outside of the classroom, and engage students within our vibrant community. Mount Carmel College offers an extensive range of co-curricular clubs, activities and events to support your child’s personal development and learning, whilst enabling them to excel in a specific area of interest. The College aims to ensure all students have the opportunity and are encouraged to become actively involved in various extra-curricular activities beyond the classroom.

Curriculum Extension Activities usually take place outside of normal school classes, including after school, during recess and lunch, or over weekends. Each student is encouraged to select activities to suit their interests and that will provide a rewarding and enriching experience beyond the classroom. These extra activities are acknowledged on student reports throughout the year and included in the Student Achievement Record when students complete Year 12.