Mount Carmel College strives to support and encourage your child’s natural leadership qualities. We aim to give them the confidence to become a positive role model within their peer support groups, an ambassador within the College community and a positive representative of the College within the wider community. The willingness of our students to take on these very significant student leadership roles is to be highly praised.

Student Leadership Team

Student Leaders are selected annually in the previous school year. The Year 12 Student Leadership Team is made up of College Captains, Year 12 Student Leaders and a Social Justice Group Leader.

The Year 12 Student Leaders attend a Leadership Camp early in the year, which provides an opportunity for them to explore the many facets of leadership, reflect on the individual and the group strengths they would bring to the group, and plan for the year ahead.

The Year 12 Student Leadership Team positively represents the College and provides a student voice for the College.

House Captains & Deputy Captains

House Captains and Deputy Captains are also part of the overall Student Leadership Team.

We also appoint Middle Years Captains.

Peer Support Leaders

Year 11 students are selected to participate in the College’s Peer Support program. As a Peer Support Leader, our students are appropriately trained to work with Year 8 students in their transition to secondary school and aim to develop a sense of belonging and confidence among younger students.

Student Leaders

Student leaders are appointed at each year level in the College.

JJAMM Week is a very rewarding and meaningful week during which students are able to honour, reflect upon, appreciate and aspire to the selflessness and kindness of Joseph, Julian Tenison Woods and Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop (named Joseph, Julian And Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop).

To celebrate JJAMM Week, students at the College organise a range of activities throughout the week and funds are raised for a range of Josephite organisations that work with the poor and disadvantaged, both in Adelaide and overseas. These organisations include:

  • Ain Karim (for people with intellectual disabilities)
  • Flora McDonald House (for the elderly)
  • East Timor Josephite Mission
  • Peruvian Josephite Foundation.

During JJAMM Week, the students at Mount Carmel College generate a sense of participation and fulfilment as every class contributes to JJAMM Week events and fundraisers, which in turn creates a sense of community and accomplishment.

The change in schedule and the break from the norm is enthusiastically welcomed and tightly embraced! JJAMM Week is also rewarding due to the atmosphere it creates within the school each year.

Mount Carmel College has an active and highly successful affiliation with Pedal Prix, which is open to all students in Years 8 – 12. The Pedal Prix program has seen the College's Pedal Prix team, MCC Racing, excel as one of the forerunners in the competition, both locally and nationally. The College has competed on the Pedal Prix circuit for more than 15 years, and collected a string of awards along the way, testimony to the tireless efforts of the students and staff.

Pedal Prix promotes team building, fitness and athleticism, participation in a competitive environment and lots of fun! The College has 4 competing teams: Open Boys, Open Girls, U/16 Boys and a Primary school team made up of students from local Catholic Parish schools.


Mount Carmel College relies heavily on the generous support of the community to enable students and staff to design, build and race quality engineered Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs). With various sponsorship options available, if you wish to sponsor the MCC Racing team, please contact the Pedal Prix Promotions Coordinator, Adam Giancaspro at the College on 8447 0500 or email

The Performing Arts are a vibrant part of the educational experience at Mount Carmel.

Our Extra Curricular Arts programs provide students with the opportunity to develop creativity, performance skills and the ability to work in a team while developing self confidence.

Students are encouraged to actively participate in one or more of the following areas of interest:

  • Drama performances
  • Instrumental tuition
  • Dance Group
  • Musicals and concerts
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Rock Band
  • Technical Production Team
  • Audio recording.

This diverse range of activities bring students into a world where imagination, creativity and technical expertise are developed and nurtured.

The College facilities feature an excellent performance space (dance/drama) complete with stage lighting and a designated music work space which encompasses rehearsal space, individual practice rooms, computer access and recording facilities.

During Lent we raise money for Project Compassion. This huge fundraising effort benefits Caritas Australia, an international organisation charity that helps local and overseas communities in supporting themselves in long term sustainable ways. This includes the building of wells in drought ridden countries, art projects for Indigenous communities, and providing support for individuals and families affected by HIV and Aids in different parts of Africa.

A wide variety of fundraising events and activities are held by students at Mount Carmel as part of Project Compassion. Within Religious Education classes, as part of their RE program, focus is spent on where the money raised during Project Compassion goes, the many issues that people in different parts of the world face which lead to poverty and injustice, and how our efforts are linked to the Gospels and the work of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop.

Mount Carmel College has a very active student Social Justice Group of students from Years 7-12 who meet regularly to discuss and plan various campaigns and awareness-raising about existing social justice issues and making a difference in the lives of others.

The Social Justice Group has been involved with the:

  • St Vinnies Winter Appeal;
  • preparing and cooking food for the St Vinnies night shelter for the homeless;
  • St Vinnies Christmas Toy Appeal;

The Social Justice Group also involves itself in various activities and events outside of school, where they proudly represent the College in making a difference in the areas of injustice.

Sport and physical activity is of vital importance in establishing healthy lifestyle patterns. At Mount Carmel College, we believe sport is a great medium for developing positive traits in your child such as dedication, commitment, teamwork and leadership.

Mount Carmel is dedicated to providing students with many sporting opportunities both within the school community and through curriculum extension activities.

Both the Primary Campus and the Secondary Campus offer opportunities for students to be involved in the after school sports program. 

Mount Carmel offers sports including:

  • after school sport
  • sports carnivals
  • knockout sports competitions
Sports Competitions

Students can participate in various sporting competitions and carnivals such as:

  • Western Zone sporting competitions on Wednesday afternoons
  • SSASA Knockout Carnivals
  • Western Zone Lighting Carnivals
  • Catholic Schools Carnivals
  • Catholic Co-ed Athletics Carnival
  • Interschool’s Athletics Team
Sports Day

The Year 5 to 12 annual Sports Day Carnival  is held at Athletics SA Stadium at Mile End during Term 1. The opportunity of using a State athletic facility is a fantastic and rewarding experience for our students.

Our primary students and their families enjoy a Twilight Sports Day in Term 1. 

Parent/caregiver involvement

Mount Carmel College encourages parental/caregiver involvement in their child’s sporting development.

If you are able to assist with coaching a team, please contact the Sports at the College on (08) 8447 0500.

All students are encouraged to become involved in a group of their choice. Mount Carmel College has a wide variety of different student groups to meet the needs of a range of interests including:

  • Performing Arts Groups (including School Band, Vocal Ensemble, Dance and Drama groups)
  • Premiers Reading Challenge
  • Social Justice Group
  • Open Day guides
  • Breakfast Club
  • School Musical
  • Australian Science, Maths, Geography and English Competitions
  • Peer Support Program
  • Knockout & Wednesday Afternoon Sport
  • Assisting at Liturgy and Mass
  • Nunga Club
  • Maths, Science, STEM Club
  • Student Leadership Team