Year 7 in Secondary

2019 has been an exciting year as the first group of Year 7 students have undertaken Year 7 as secondary students.

The Advantages of Year 7 in Secondary

The decision is primarily about meeting the learning, social and emotional needs of young people. 

Year 7 students have access to all of the secondary school specialist facilities such as Science Labs, Technology Centres, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Labs, Visual and Performing Arts, Music Centres, Sport and PE facilities. The Australian Curriculum is followed by all primary and secondary schools, so Year 7 in secondary school will be a smooth transition from Year 6 in terms of familiarity with the skills and content as well as homework expectations.

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This is an exciting time as Catholic schools in South Australia are in line with every other state of Australia to provide specialist teachers and facilities for Year 7 students in a secondary setting.

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