Catholic Education South Australia


As a Catholic school, we believe in providing an education which aims at reconciliation, interdependence and personal responsibility. Mount Carmel College endeavours to promote this through its Student Personal Responsibility program.

The College acknowledges that in empowering students to develop personal responsibility, we are affirming a life-long process that we all share of growing into authentic personhood and freedom.

The vision which underlines its focus identifies the Catholic school as a place which witnesses to the Gospel and which respects individual dignity through authentic pastoral care. This vision values cooperation and challenges its members to be critical and reflective in an environment which fosters a spirit of inquiry.

At Mount Carmel College, we want our students to learn to make appropriate behavioural choices, because it is the right thing to do, not because of fear or reward or punishment. We are therefore committed to Choice Theory, an internal theory of behaviour control, and not an external behaviourist theory of human behaviour.

Our approach to working with our students is to focus on the development of personal responsibility. This is informed by the following principles:

1.       The right of every person to be respected and included.

2.       The right of every person to feel safe (both emotionally and physically).

3.       The right of every teacher to teach.

4.       Using the least intrusive strategy to maintain the relationship.

5.       High expectations of every child.

6.       Flexibility to make plans that meet each students’ needs.

7.       Consistency in our approach and our shared understanding of how to help students learn to behave appropriately and to meet their needs more effectively.

8.       Applying what we know about quality learning to teaching appropriate behaviours. Therefore, modelling and practice (both guided and independent) is vitally important.

9.       Cooperation rather than competition. Teaching personal and social skills for the 21st Century through cooperative learning in all classrooms.


Restorative Justice Approach

From time to time in our community, issues may arise between students and/or between students and staff. Our approach at Mount Carmel College is to use a restorative justice approach to resolve such issues as they arise.

A Restorative Justice approach aims to repair the harm caused by an individual, or group of individuals, on another person. This occurs through facilitation of structured restorative meetings with the individuals involved. The aim of these meetings is for all parties involved to reach a point where they are able to come to a negotiated agreement on future interactions.

The key staff involved in these meetings have received formal training in Restorative Justice facilitation and are committed to ensuring that all members of our community are treated with respect and dignity at all times throughout this process. Communication with families is also a key part of this process, and contact will be made with parents/guardians when such meetings have occurred.

This Restorative Justice approach works hand-in-hand with our Student Personal Responsibility, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harassment, Anti-Violence and Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies.


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