Our learning programs are underpinned by an environment that both cares for students and challenges them; to give them the opportunity to achieve personal excellence; where diversity is accepted and embraced and their uniqueness is celebrated.

We embrace the General Capabilities and we seek to educate our students to be ‘thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world God desires’.

Whatever the aspirations of each student, as they progress through their education, critical, creative, religious and ethical intelligences continue to play an important role in the teaching and learning of each individual subject.

These initiatives support our belief that the two main things in education are:

  • The quality of learning and teaching
  • The quality of relationships between and among students, staff, parents and the school community.

The Secondary Campus Teaching & Learning program is structured and maintained by the Teaching & Learning Leadership Team. The Teaching & Learning Committee aims to provide and continue to develop a strong academic focus within the College’s curriculum while offering support for student learning and achievement. This includes:

  • coordinating the development of the curriculum for the College
  • planning for future curriculum changes in response to state and national curriculum initiatives
  • coordinating and managing the SACE and the Australian Curriculum within the College
  • ensuring strong links between the curriculum/learning structures and the pastoral care/wellbeing structures among our students
  • supporting students at risk and developing personalised plans for learning for individual students to ensure their ongoing engagement and success within the classroom.